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What Are the Benefits of Having an ATM Machine?
You can find an ATM machine in many retail stores, petroleum sites, clubs, restaurants, and business offices. This is because it is an easy automated source of income for a business and has a number of additional benefits.

An ATM clearly provides a tremendous benefit to customers as you have experienced yourself. Being able to quickly check your balance or withdraw funds from your account at your local cafe, supermarket or petrol station is a necessary amenity.

An ATM also benefits you, the merchant, through increased traffic in your store, increase spending per customer, reduced merchant fees on credit cards, as well as a secondary revenue stream from each transaction

A business owner sets and collects the surcharge fee per transaction, resulting in income every time someone withdraws money from the machine.
Having an "ATM Inside" sign attracts more customers to your business. Even if they only entered for the ATM, they may purchase items from the store.
When you have an ATM machine in your store, you have the option to stop accepting checks and credit cards for purchases and reduce your chance of getting bounced checks and chargebacks. Customers can simply withdraw money on-site, and you can run your store as a cash only business.
Your customers will appreciate the convenience of having an ATM available at your store and may patronize the business more frequently.
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