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How does the ATM Process work?

•The customer inserts his bankcard in the ATM and requests a withdrawal.
•The ATM dials a toll-free number to contact the appropriate network such as Star® Plus® or Cirrus®, which then contacts the customer’s financial institution.
•The customer’s funds are verified by their financial institution.
•If funds are available, the transaction is approved and the customer receives cash from the ATM.
•The withdrawal amount and the surcharge are debited from the customer’s account.
•The transaction is processed through the Federal Reserve’s automated clearing house.
•Both the surcharge and the withdrawal amount are electronically deposited in the ATM owner’s account

What are the benefits of having an ATM?
•More than 150 million Americans carry an ATM card and they conduct more than 12 billion ATM transactions per year. Having an ATM in your establishment means customers don’t have to leave the premises to get money. Studies show that between 25%-35% of cash withdrawn from an ATM is spent at the same establishment.
•Reduce your costs associated with credit card terminal fees and bad checks. You will generate income instead of paying any credit card terminal fees because you keep the income from the fee charged at the ATM (usually $2.00-3.00). Almost every customer will have an ATM card and will no longer need to write checks for purchases. Instead, they will use the ATM, eliminating your concern over bad checks and bounced check charges.
•Convenience. Why go down the street, or make two stops when you can go one place at get everything done there? Customers build loyalty and are very aware of the services you provide. Offering them more services at your location increases the likelihood of them returning to your location when they need something.
•Save time. Yours! You will no longer need to take time to run debit transactions yourself. You will not have to restock items if a client is declined. (They would be declined at the ATM, long before they get to the register.) You will not have to explain why the customer was declined or be asked to run the transaction again.

What are the main reasons I could benefit from owning or leasing an atm?
Allows your customers access to their available cash from their debit, bank and credit cards.
Keeps your customers in-house so they don’t leave your location to get cash from a different ATM nearby.
Increases retail sales by up to 25%-35% of the amount withdrawn from your ATM.
Reduces or eliminates the need to accept checks.
Reduces credit card usage and credit card fees and expenses.
Generates store traffic from walk by traffic.
Increases your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

My company accepts credit cards - Is it still worthwhile to place an ATM Machine?

Absolutely! This will not only put available cash in the hands of your customers, but it will also help save you money on your credit card processing fees.
My ATM Machine is not working. What do i do?
Please select the Technical Support option from the menu bar and select whether to try troubleshoot the problem on your own, or complete the Technical Support Form. Remember that you can contact us at 1 (800) 937-6615 should you need to speak to a live technical support represenative.