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Why we are the number ONE provider..

Commercial Industries, founded in 1963, is a leading provider of ATM Services, Credit Card Processing equipment, Vacuum/Air/Water machines, Payphones, and Laundry Equipment to business partners throughout the United States. The company owns and operates over 15,000 pieces of equipment across all industry groups and is currently operating under the trade names of Commercial ATM Systems, Commercial Pay Vacuums, Commercial Pay Phones, and Commercial Laundries. The Commercial group of companies is headquartered in Miami, Florida with offices and facilities throughout the region.


Our company operates five synergistic businesses including:


  Providing ATM machines and service at hotels, condominiums, apartment complexes, and retail petroleum sites.
  Providing Smart Card and coin operated laundry equipment in hotels, condominiums, apartment houses, and other multi-housing dwelling units.
  Providing public Vacuum/Air/Water units at retail petroleum sites.
  Providing public communications equipment at sites throughout the United States including retail petroleum sites, hotels, and shopping centers.
  Providing Credit Card processing equipment at businesses which accept payment by credit or debit cards.
We believe that the success of our company has been largely due to a proven track record and focus on providing performance, integrity, and personal care.



Performance starts by providing and professionally installing the most up-to-date equipment in the marketplace, which offers our clients an optimal combination of functionality and reliability.  Our long-standing relationships with quality suppliers provide our company with a competitive edge in our markets.  We install high quality equipment in our various businesses and utilize state of the art technology allowing  us to track revenues and identify service needs.  This innovative technology allows us to remotely monitor and troubleshoot our ATMs and payphones.  Our proactive approach enables us to address performance issues in real time.


Commercial is guided by the principles of integrity and honesty. We employ the highest ethical standards; we demand of ourselves accountability, consistency, fairness to the customer, and truthfulness in our business matters.  Integrity is indispensable to the mission and vision at Commercial.


Personal care is the third cornerstone of our success.  We believe in creating, maintaining, and growing relationships.  We know that personal responsiveness differentiates us from our competitors, and it is our goal to work with you to design a program that meets the needs and objectives of you and your customers.  Our punctual and prompt response time will accommodate any changing needs, as we are eager to maintain the high quality standards we set for our customers.  In this regard we will assign a single point of contact for your service needs, to ensure a personal touch will help facilitate responsiveness.


We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and providing you with a combination of outstanding products, high level of service, and a strong focus on performance, integrity, and personal care.





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